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About KLA Schools of Horizon West

We are a diverse group of families and children ranging in age from three months to five years. Our school's diversity reflects the multi-culturalism of the Horizon West community. What once was orange groves, Horizon West is now a unique community where families from all over the country and the world have chosen to settle. Surrounded by plenty of greenspace and pockets of lakes and ponds, Horizon West is a beautiful blend of nature and urbanism. KLA Schools of Horizon West opened in the Fall of 2020 to provide our community a different choice for a private preschool experience, with an innovative and child-centered curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

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Who We Are

We provide an exceptional private preschool experience in a brand new, state-of-the-art campus with innovative features such as a STEAM workshop (Atelier), a water exploration laboratory (Water Atelier), and a children’s arboretum. Our unique, spacious and inviting learning environments are a source of inspiration for children to freely express their creativity with both indoor and outdoor classroom experiences.

Our school is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education where children encounter numerous avenues for thinking, developing and expressing their thoughts and feelings. Our talented and dedicated teachers are partners in learning with the children as they investigate, problem solve and research together in an environment that encourages collaboration, communication and exploration.

Children have their own strengths and interests, and when given the opportunity to share, they support the expansion of knowledge alongside their peers and teachers. Our school provides children with personalized learning experiences that promote each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development and form the academic foundation for greater abstract thinking. Children are honored in our school and acknowledged as the protagonists of their learning experience.

KLA Schools of Horizon West serves infants from three months of age through children five years of age. We are conveniently located in the Summerlake residential community of Horizon West near Hamlin Town Center and State Road 429.

What Makes Us Unique

ImmersedInnovative and Progressive Educational Approach
KLA Schools will be the only Reggio Emilia inspired preschool in Horizon West, providing parents with access to one of the best early childhood education programs for young children worldwide with an innovative and collaborative approach to learning that encourages children to think critically, creatively and independently as capable and confident individuals.

Through the Reggio Emilia approach, children are given the tools and support to navigate through their own distinct paths of discovery. In contrast to more passive “pushed-down” curriculums, the Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum encourages children to be active participants in the learning process and to develop the skills needed to explore their ideas, interests, and questions in meaningful ways while inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

ParentsAtelier (Workshop)
The Atelier is our innovations workshop that offers endless possibilities for creativity and aesthetic expression, all the while incorporating STEM. Our Atelier is a welcoming and intimate place where children come in small groups to creatively interpret and express their thoughts and ideas through different media such as clay, paper, fabric, wire, light, beads, shells, leaves and wood, among others. Projects often incorporate current classroom topics and themes to further enhance children’s learning experience through the visual arts, science, engineering, and math.

IntimateEnvWater Exploration Laboratory (Water Atelier)
Our Water Exploration Laboratory (Water Atelier) will be an innovative, one-of-a-kind learning environment dedicated to exploring the polar molecule (H2O) that enables life to exist. Children will investigate the movement, sound and feel of water while learning about science, mathematics and the environment by engaging in hands-on experiments that explore various concepts such as transparency, pressure, energy, volume, displacement and buoyancy.

lowratioChildren’s Arboretum
One of the architectural and educational highlights of our school is our children’s arboretum, an expansive nature sanctuary featuring a variety of native trees and sensory plants for children to explore. Our children’s arboretum serves as a one-of-a-

kind outdoor classroom where children engage in hands-on learning activities and experiences that promote their inquisitiveness and sense of wonder of the natural world.

Through the study of science and nature, children will learn concepts related to biology, geology, conservation, sustainability and our connection with our environment. Children of all ages will also learn the importance of teamwork, collaboration and growth (both literally and figuratively) as they learn to plant and garden in the arboretum.

familyatmosphereExpansive Indoor and Outdoor Play Spaces with Shaded Playground Structures
KLA Schools of Horizon West will have a modern feel and spacious design unlike any other preschool in the area with unique features such as a large central community social hall (Piazza), an indoor gymnasium for physical education and extracurricular activities, and an acre of combined outdoor playground space including a multi-purpose athletic field.

A separate and dedicated playground for infants and toddlers is completely shaded by a building canopy structure protecting our youngest children from the Florida sun. The main playground structure will also be completely covered by a 40ft x 40ft free-standing canopy to provide additional shade for preschool children as they explore their continually developing gross motor skills.

highestlevelofSafe and Secure Location with State-of-the-Art Cleanliness
With safety and cleanliness being our top priorities, our campus is designed to give families peace of mind. KLA Schools are safe and secure by design with two sets of electronically locked doorways and closed circuit cameras throughout the campus. Only registered parents or guardians are allowed access to the classrooms and are required to go through two sets of passcode protected doorways.

The cleanliness of our classrooms and the overall health of our children and their environment are of vital importance to us. As part of our comprehensive sanitizing program, our school is proud to utilize the ZONO Ozone Sanitizing Cabinet which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses commonly found on toys, cots, books, and more. The ZONO Cabinet uses no harsh chemicals but rather ozone created from ambient air to sanitize porous, semi-porous, and nonporous surfaces.

lowturnoverTalented and Dedicated Faculty with Continued Professional Development
At KLA Schools of Horizon West, our teachers are carefully selected one by one based on character, skill and passion. We seek to build a collaborative team of educators who are supportive, caring and passionate about your child’s learning experience and developmental needs.

As a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool, we appreciate, encourage and invest in our teachers’ continued professional development as a resource in gaining a deeper understanding of each child’s thinking and learning processes. A dedicated professional development room in our school will enable our teachers and staff to regularly meet and collaborate on professional and curriculum development for the benefit of the children’s academic learning.

enrichmentcoursesDaily Documentation and Proprietary Parent Portal
Teachers will make learning visible by way of a proprietary online parent portal with daily written and photographic documentation of each child’s experiences and ideas, enabling parents to see first-hand what their children have been thinking, feeling and valuing on a daily basis.

What Makes Us Unique

ImmersedImmersed in the Community
Within our residential neighborhood, our school finds itself in the middle of a growing environment. With frequent field trips and welcoming members of our community into our school, we are constantly creating relationships and finding our place within our context.

ParentsParents as Partners in Education
Dedicated to the familial relationship, care and consideration are given to all families in our tight- knit and heavily-involved parent community.

IntimateEnvIntimate Environment
As a school that is small in size, we are able to offer a warm, cozy and loving space that becomes a second home for your child and family.

lowratioLow Student to Teacher Ratios
At KLA Schools of Coral Gables, your child will receive a lot of individualized attention and an increased opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

familyatmosphereFamily Atmosphere
We are a family where the whole school, not just the teachers but also all other members of the staff, know your child personally.

highestlevelofHighest Level of Preparation for Ongoing Schools
As a school, we value the importance of preparing your child for their transition to an ongoing school. We find that our alumni continue to thrive and find great success wherever they go.

lowturnoverLow Staff Turnover
Teachers and teacher's assistants are experienced and have worked with young children and the Reggio Emilia philosophy for years.

enrichmentcoursesEnrichment Courses
Soccer, Art and Music are weekly courses included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences.

"The best preschool approach in the world!"


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  • I LOVE this school! Their philosophy, their caring teachers, their clean and cheerful environment. I have both my kids at this school and wouldn't think of sending them anywhere else. I especially love how they see the whole child and meet each child where they are at. My oldest son is more introverted and shy. In a regular school program he would be labeled and made to feel there was something wrong with him. At KLA, my son's teachers work to help my son feel confident by creating experiences for him to interact and learn how to engage with students. They make him feel special and unique and embrace his gifts of kindness and art while developing new ones. I think the teachers are the best part of this place. I would work here if I could! They are professional and caring, knowledgeable and dedicated. They create programs for the children that are truly about garnering discovery and curiosity, truly the skills that children need and adults will use every day for the rest of their lives. We looked at a lot of schools before deciding on KLA and I can say they have exactly what we were looking for. A school program with the ability to get some after care and have additional activities for my kids to take after school, like yoga, soccer, kid-o-kinetics. Perfect place for your little one.

    – Maureen F.

  • KLA is a wonderful preschool. The staff is amazing and you can tell that they are passionate about what they do. The facility is beautiful, clean and very comfortable. They do an great job with their art program and letting the children be creative with numerous art mediums.

    – Jennifer K.

  • I love how KLA promotes creativity and critical thinking! The communication with the parents is awesome… it allows you to know what is going on in the classroom so we can discuss the activities and projects with our kids at home, and reflect on all the fun things they got to partake in at school!

    – Sarah R.

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